Zanotti - Flussocreativo Design Studio


The manifestation of more than one reality merges within a single space, in this case. A bakery and cafè whose interior has been designed to accompany the customer during all stages of the day.

The shop renovation started in March 2017 and saw its inauguration in September, same year. A combination of finishes and surfaces tending towards white meets the client’s will to highlight the warm and enveloping colour of the noble food: bread. Complying with the structure of the property, the spiky counter is divided into three segments, each of which designed for a specific use: the bar area with attached tables for breakfast; the pastry area for brunch and snacks; and finally the bakery for lunches and takeaway bread.

Location Travagliato (BS)
Year 2017
Client Zanotti
Type Bakery
Mq 100
Ph. Mattia Aquila

With the aim of converting the weak points into elements of strength, offered by the irregular structure of the room, the niches designed in correspondence to the windows are characterized by a sage-green wooden frame that dialogues with the Bar wall where a two-colour wallpaper with an exotic flavour gives Forneria a contemporary and anti-conventional style.

From the cold and matte tones of the wallpaper, we move to a range of contrasting colours, warm, enveloping and at the same time brilliant. The counter in quartz agglomerate, where the products of the furnace find their maximum exaltation, hides in detail the front fascia in clay colour, a deep reference to the traditional baker’s utensils.

Another element that you would link to nature is offered by the elegant golden frame – the ear from which the bread is made to make bread – studied in parallel with the counter and which detaches from the wall, to create invisible surfaces to which they are hooked the signs that define the different areas of the Forneria.

The remaining negative spaces of the room were then converted into supporting surfaces decorated with frescoes reproducing the veins of travertine marble. At the conclusion of the whole project, the lighting of the space has been divided between the counter and the tables for customers where suspended glass lamps recall the moment of the aperitif giving a sense of completeness and stylistic connection to the whole