Storage - Flussocreativo Design Studio


A place where the passion for food comes alive and gets shared as the time spent togheter.

Storage is the result of the complete restyling of a local situation in the centre of Brescia’s nightlife area, in which familiarity and conviviality guide not only the operational brigade but the aesthetics and functionality of the club itself as well.

Location. Brescia
Year. 2021
Client. Storage Food
Type. Restaurant
Mq. 420
Ph. Matteo Lonati

The philosophy of the eatery is simple: treat guests like they are family memebers, serve excellent food and always exceed expectations.

The restaurant, located inside a historic building in the center of the city of Brescia, summarizes the skilful balance between informal and sophisticated wanted by the client through the coexistence of elements, characterised by an antipodal nature, which together offer a lively and timeless renewal.


On the one hand, the maintenance of the intrinsic industrial characteristics of the place itself, such as the original stones on the wall and the exposed beams, underline the importantance of the building in which we are and enhance its historicity.

On the other hand, the choice of distinct and comfortable furnishings, which accentuate the culinary refinement and the selection of details.


As a binder, bespoke iron furnishings are designed. Those are not only suitable for both styles, but can also provide valid functions depending on the position in which they are inserted.

From containers to supports for vegetation, from booth to lighting structures, these unheavy components make space management targeted and efficient according to the need.


The matericall finishes, the elegant colors and the modern wallpapers, always favored and strenghtned by a strong natural component, complete a refined but not formal atmosphere.