A dreamlike experience immersed in the Japanese spirit.

A project born from the desire for renewal using as a guideline the desire to achieve a dreamlike atmosphere with refined taste through the “raw” material.

Location Brescia (BS)
Year 2022
Client Shin Japanese Experience
Type Restaurant
Mq 280
Ph. Matteo Lonati

Flussocreativo’s SHIN project begins with a stimulating confrontation with the pioneers of Japanese dining in Brescia and a desire to renovate their current restaurant by transforming it into an enticing experience where quality meets atmosphere.

The concept of the project came from the desire to combine the refined art of fish cutting with the area where the restaurant is located, involving the rocky architecture of the city and making the customer experience immersive within a microcosm shaped in nature.

The three areas, which have different scenarios from each other, make up the space of about 280 square meters and are united by a precise relationship between materials and dark shades punctually illuminated on tables and finishes.

The entire renovation of the space focuses on the interconnection between “ingredients” employed, such as vertical surfaces that reveal a succession of solidity and delicacy thanks to faithful rock reproductions and enveloping black velvet. The dark setting finds as its only note of color the Canaletto walnut wood used for the tables, while the rice paper covering the large luminous spheres in the two rooms complete the oriental reference within the space.

The horizontality of the luminous lines and the metallic effect used as a covering for counters and sofas complete the idea of cutting matter into the environment, like the blade of the Shobu-Bochu capable of sensitively dividing the quality of the product and making the chef’s preparation a work of art.

On the mezzanine floor, reached by a passage lined with “canaletto walnut”, is the restaurant’s most intimate and private room where two areas for exclusive use are located with sofas and tables lit by Shoji’s scenography present on the perimeter of the room.

The Shin project is a material connection and sensations best summarized by the restaurant’s pay-off, a true “Japanese Experience.”