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At the entry «brugola», the Zingarelli says: «hexagonal hollow head screw, from the name of its producer, Egidio Brugola».

Exists, indeed, Mr Brugola: just like Biro, Gilette and Diesel, is one of the few who gave his name to an object of common use. An idea and a product completely Italian whose use is clearly based on the universal function of opening and closing.

Here comes the handle project Egidio.

Year 2012
Type Handle

Egidio is, indeed, a scale representation of an allen wrench, realized in satin brass. Its hexagonal structure ensures a comfortable and practical taken which allows an easy and effective use.

Egidio expresses all its originality at the opening moment: in its movement recalls the allen’s universal function adapting its use to a practical and intuitive handle. Its soul linked to the contemporary function of allen and handle, directly recalls the concept of the key whence Egidio takes inspiration. The hollow head’s screw positioned on the rose is the perfect place for the hexagonal male key.

Egidio transfers in a linear and modern handle the universality and semplicity which are features of the allen wrench.