Ear - Flussocreativo Design Studio


A contemporary partition element to create screens of natural division of the spaces.

The analysis developed for this contest has been set on the in-depth reading of the Ex.t’s catalog, from which are born accurate considerations. Ex.t is a company which works basing on a deep knowledge of the market and on a constant search for balance between aesthetics and functionality. The main idea is that most of the products can be a leader in multiple environments and can be in harmony with the bathroom’s world as well as  with the rest of the house.

Year 2014
Competition Ex.t
Type Dividing panel

The result of this analysis led us to propose a hybrid product for the competition, whose aesthetic flexibility allows it to fit comfortably both in the bathroom and in the house’s furnishing.

The divider EAR is a contemporary division element that thanks to its lightweight is able to reconcile and give sense of continuity at the environments which it separates.

It is a product suitable for different destinations: divide large spaces into environments with different functions in the living area or you can put it as a filter to shield the entrance from the rest of the room or simply as component of separation of small living spaces.

EAR is a series of three dividing elements, individually independent and different from each other in size 180 cm, 160 cm and 140 cm, respectively, each with its own pattern and a self-supporting base. The composition of EAR is constituted by a metal structure divided into two components: the body has a irregular pattern and is formed by a empty folded tubular frame and filled metal bars linked at the end of the frame, and the base consists of a fixing plate that recalls the shape of the body.

EAR is the result of a thorough research of graphics and nature. The curved tubular, used as a definition of the form, is visually united by the simplicity of the lines to create screens of natural division of the spaces.