Natural appeal for a mix between Classic and Contemporary.

Join is the project signed by Flussocreativo that combines two apartments in one spacious home. The careful mix between the characterizing styles has given rise to a peculiar realization to the vision of the hosts.

Location. Borgosatollo (BS)
Year. 2023
Client. Private
Type. Residential
Mq 120
Ph. Fabio Anselmini

Join is born from an apartment of good condition, with small sizes but efficient structure, which takes the opportunity to expand thanks to the purchase of the upper house.

The main challenge faced by the studio Flussocreativo was the union of the two residences, paying attention to the inclusion of new elements without benefiting the efficiency of those already present, all through the refined and relaxing character wanted by the client.

The result is a surprisingly delicate and at the same time familiar house where the natural details of the custom-made furniture find the balance with the classic references of weighted elements, such as decorative frames and finishes.

All the rooms benefit from the extension, but especially the living room and the double bedroom, which, if in fact were compact and not very airy, become large spaces and highly customizable.

The former embodies the concept of natural well-being through colours, finishes and arrangements.

Through comfortable wardrobes and home office niches, everyday functionality gains a distinctive aesthetic in which form and function find the right balance.

The bedroom, which replaces the living area of the former upper apartment, appropriates all the space to become an exclusive room, equipped with walk-in closet and beauty station for an integral identity.

Here the ideal of a classic contemporary aesthetic becomes the protagonist, dictating the stylistic choice of the elements in a sugar paper background.

The complete renovation of the two bathrooms and the adaptation of the kitchen already present, through a coherent continuation of the elegant language, complete the refinement of this new house, populated with elements of various extraction calibrated for an empathic and elegant result.


Project in collaboration with Rinnova Srl.