Insurance - Flussocreativo Design Studio


The main objective of the total recovery was, above all, to create a new concept of working space.

The starting point of the careful restructuring investigation has had to face both the original distribution aspect of the analysis area, an old flat / office composed of four separate rooms, that the absolute requirement of the client to carry out the entire work during the month of August, for obvious work circumstances.

Location Brescia
Year 2014
Client Insurance Broker
Type Office
Mq 120
Ph. Matteo Aquila

The main objective of the total recovery was, above all, to give life to a new concept of work space, functionally perfect but all equipped with a strong verve from the creative point of view, able to surprise and make as much as possible “brilliant” the space suited to work, very often aseptic and impersonal.

First of all, Flussocreativo designers have thought about a more effective distribution of the spaces in order to create larger spaces able to receive the light in the most appropriate way.

The light beam, of which the space is naturally equipped, originally “turned off” by partitions, has been made the protagonist bringing a new face to the entire open space characterized by a great brightness suitably calibrated by curtains able to absorb the light in excess.

What characterizes the aesthetic aspect of this new study, in addition to the elimination of the partitions that subdivided the four-room flat into small working spaces, was the inclusion of a continuous box, conceived as a long wardrobe, characterized by orange colour that, in addition to marking the passage, covers the function of guarding and concealing all the technical “actions” of the structure, from the electrical part and hydraulic systems to the software and the various equipment in order to fit nicely into the space without creating disturbing elements, indeed emphasizing an accurate linearism.

If before the entrance did not contemplate the first function dedicated to welcoming customers, today it appears as a surely more comfortable and pleasant access thanks to the creation of a wardrobe area and the insertion of a more intimate space. This is outlined by an orange and  sound-absorbing walls able to exhalt a precise function or obtaining a perfectly soundproofed room with the guarantee of privacy.

The workstations have been designed both to accentuate the work of the team, thanks also to the inclusion of magnetic panels, planning and useful tools for everyday working life, both to create defined but communicating environments. It is always the long orange wall connecting these spaces to each other defining the corridor and the passage. Finally, at the end of the wall a niche was placed containing a particular root used as a furnishing accessory with a natural mood.

The reference to nature becomes a new aesthetic aspect of the entire intervention, also evident in the floors in which a natural oak was used and in the curious vertical gardens that, like small woods, “inhabited” the paintings of the managerial post with the function of accommodating the customer in a non-aseptic but harmonious space.

The furnishings of the entire office have been custom designed, conceived both as a containment box for the various systems and to include and catalog work practices in an orderly and optimal manner. In this project the stained glass windows become great protagonists of furniture delimiting the walls of the workstations and emphasizing the continuity of the spaces, the result is the eurythmic and disjointed character of the entire work.

The use of the orange pantone in perfect line with the graphic of the client’s logo has allowed the designers to strongly characterize the corporate identity of the owners.

Text by Annalisa Boni (Casaresart).