Flussocreativo. Design Studio.


The working break space is composed by a functional perimeter and a “social” center where employees can interact and relax.

On the wall covered by the curtains there is a composition of monitor where employees can see  the company news and can keep informed about what goes around the world. The arches on the other wall can hosting: a sink and a contenitive space, a showcase and the containers for separate collection, a special space for the ones who need a private moment or the automatic distibutor of food and beverage.

Place Ferrero Industry
Year 2018
Client Ferrero
Type Contest Desall.com

The middle of the room is the “social” space with high tables and seats where eat or drink something comfortably and a relaxing area with little sofas which help to create moments of interaction or rest. The modular fornitures are tought to be adaptable to the different needs of space, and the colours remember the sweetness of chocolate and the sobriety and integrity of Ferrero company. The space is completed by different diameter circular lights that light up the room in a complete and homogeneous way.