Dhabbu - Flussocreativo Design Studio


We are curious to travel, the passion for the kitchen to experiment.

The desire to test is the key to define the Dhabbu project: a new restaurant in the historic center of Brescia where the passion for Asian food is combined with a love of tradition.

Location Brescia
Year 2016
Client Dhabbu - L'asiatico
Type Restaurant
Mq 150
Ph. Alberto Petrò

The restaurant located in a historic building in Carmine district summarizes in its 150 square meters the outlines of an Asian fusion among ingredients in Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai style contaminated with the taste and aesthetics made in Italy.

As it is the case of realization of a good dish, textural ingredients of the project were the starting point to define the way of this fusion.

Bamboo, wicker and rattan mixed with painted iron, concrete effects and wallpaper characterize the spaces creating a contemporary environment but also cosy and elegant.

Geometric wooden portals guide the entrance halls, ethnic designs of wallpapers and a multifaceted cascade of wicker lamps give the feel of an exotic setting that combines two very different worlds together.

In the background of this merger, the tables made of tubular steel, black iron and tied at the top with rough twine are wisely distributed in space as representatives of the essence of craftsmanship East.

The careful choice of colour, material combined an elegant grey to black and the rest of the furniture enhance the identity of the environment by transforming the dining experience in a relaxing journey through perfumes and flavours of the East.